Primary Care and Practitioner Services
AM Consultancy can provide a range of primary care services using paramedic/nurse practitioners. GP's can be provided to work along side or instead of the paramedic/nurse practitioners via our industry partners.
This can be a vital service at large public gatherings, film and media work and also industrial sites to keep staff on site working.  Those working long and unsocial hours in sometimes remote locations can struggle to access the usual NHS health services.  Through our primary care and practitioner services we can keep your staff on site in a state of health where they are fit to work and increase the satisfaction of those who visit your event or venue and become unwell or injured by avoiding unnecessary off site transfers.

Event Medical Cover
Why risk leaving your medical cover to chance, the role of an Event Organiser is stressful enough without having to worry about medical emergencies during the event.  AM Consultancy can provide a bespoke solution to provide an appropriate level of professional and well coordinated medical cover which will be there when you need it.
We have experience of providing cover for a range of events, working with a range of other services where appropriate to provide a multi-disciplinary response to your event.

We can also act as in the role of medical facilities management, assisting you in the medical planning, booking relevant resources and coordinating services during your event.  

If your event has specialist licence requirements e.g. MSA registered paramedics, AM Consultancy has paramedics with the licences and experience to provide top quality motorsports cover working alongside your motorsport rescue teams.

On Water Cover
AM Consultancy have experience of working within the power boat race industry and can provide a paramedic equipped to provide on water cover to your event.  

Medical Support to Diving Operations
Diving is inherently dangerous and control of risk is carefully managed in the diving industry, why leave your medical needs to chance.  AM Consultancy can provide a paramedic with diving medicine training and experience to be on standby in case of the unthinkable happens.

TV and Film Cover
AM Consultancy does not provide this service, We have strong links with a trusted and well respected company with the specialist knowledge, experience and trained staff to provide medical services to a specialist industry.  We regularly work as subcontractors to this industry leader, contact us for more information.

Training Delivery & Consultancy Services
AM Consultancy has extensive experience of providing a range of training services.  We provide professional training for First Aid, defibrillation, medical gas administration, ambulance aid skills, trauma management and a range of minor injury and illness subjects.  We can also provide bespoke training solutions, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

We can also undertake internal quality assurance services for other companies who require this.  

Our services

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