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AMC also runs a series of continuing professional development courses aimed at Professionals and those undertaking clinical services in the events industry, hazardous work places and hostile/remote areas.

Courses currently on offer include:

First Aid at Work 1 & 3 day courses and the 2 day requalification

Introduction to Health and Safety - COMING SOON

Oxygen Competent User

AED Competent User

Medical Gases Competent User

Emergency First Responder

First Response Emergency Care Level 3

First Response Emergency Care Level 4

CPD Courses including:

Wound closure (with or without suturing)

Resuscitation skills

Practical Skills in Trauma Managment

Management of Catastrophic Haemorraghe 

Penthrox Competent User - COMING SOON

From January 2018 courses will be advertised and booked via the training platform with reed. 

14-day refund policy for purchases through selected partners/third party advertising platforms, which does not apply to purchases directly through AM Consultancy Enterprises Ltd.